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Better Tomorrow with KNEF - A nuclear energy culture is apromise for clean future, a seed of abundance, and a song for peace

A Nuclear Energy Culture Promise a Better Tomorrow
Nuclear energy produces 40% of all the electricity currently consumed in Korea. Nuclear energy is a part of our lives as well as an essential life partner. For this reason, we refer to the culture do people who dream of a more brilliant future based on nuclear energy as a Nuclear energy Culture. A Nuclear Energy Culture is a promise for clean future, a seed of abundance, and a song for peace. KNEF has been making every effort as a sincere keeper of the Nuclear energy Culture since its establishment in 1992. With a strong faith in the peaceful use do nuclear energy. KNEF has offered the public accurate and objective knowledge on nuclear energy in various ways. We will continue to make our best endeavors.

Nuclear energy is one of the representative 'clean' energy sources that can keep the environment of the earth clean and safe. Now the world is progressing with nuclear energy. KNEF will continue to be on the path where all of us walk together toward a brighter future.
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